Frankfort Area Branding Initiative



On July 1, 2015, the Frankfort Area began a community-wide branding process, led by the Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce in partnership with a wide range of community organizations and businesses, including Downtown Frankfort, Inc.  Community branding leader, North Star, will be facilitating this process.


In the spring of 2014, community leaders from across the Frankfort Area gathered for an annual Joint Board Meeting to share their respective priorities and work-plans.  At this meeting, it became apparent that organizations and businesses across the community were needing and wanting a clear, unified message to better market and attract visitors, customers, and new residents    Community leaders were tired of Frankfort being a "best kept secret."  A committee with representation across the community was formed and over the course of the following months, the committee researched branding processes, issued a nationwide "request for proposals" (RFP), fielded proposals, and selected Nashville-based North Star as the consultant for this key project.  Funding for this process and its future implementation has been and continues to be raised across sectors of the community, from civic institutions to small local businesses to large industry.  The project was launched July 2015.

Here is a PDF of the RFP issued by the Frankfort Area Branding Committee.

Here is a link to North Star's company website.


What does the future hold for Frankfort and the surrounding area?  What do we want to be as a community?  What are our plans?  Will we be a vibrant community, thriving as our incredible resources and assets are put to best use, or will we remain a place of great, but untapped, potential? Will we leave the answers to these questions to chance?  In the coming months and years, through the community branding initiative and other efforts, we will be wrestling with these questions as we seek to shape Frankfort’s future.  Please join us with your voice, your ideas, and your participation.

Change is certain.  Tomorrow will be different from today, whether we plan for it or not.  If we want a hand in shaping our future, we must act with intent, not passivity.  Please join us as we discern and determine the direction in which Downtown Frankfort and our community as a whole is heading.


The Frankfort Area Branding Initiative is looking for community participation in many ways.  We need to hear from the community what you think makes Frankfort unique and there will be opportunities in the coming months for that kind of input.

This process is important to organizations and businesses throughout the community and we'd love to have your "skin in the game."  The Frankfort Area Branding Initiative welcomes financial support from local entities at a variety of levels to help fund this essential step in shaping our future.  Contact the Frankfort Area Chamber of Commerce directly for more details on investing in this initiative.

Current Branding Initiative Community Partners

Branding v. Re-branding

You may have heard this initiative mistakenly referred to as a "rebranding" effort (even committee members are guilty of the misnomer), but the initiative is a branding effort.  To our knowledge, it is the first time a full community branding effort encompassing the breadth of the Frankfort Area has been undertaken.

"More Than A Logo"

Want a more in-depth look at what the community branding process and results will entail (hint: it's MUCH more than a new logo)?  Watch this Branding Overview, filmed May 21, 2015 at the Frankfort Country Club.  President and CEO of North Star, Don McEachern, is the featured speaker.  Please note: the video is 50+ minutes but well worth the watch: