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Frankly Speaking

What If?

April 25, 2016

Local Entrepreneur a Font of Talent and Ideas. Several years ago a young man packed his dog, record player, and camping gear into a 1979 FJ40 Land Cruiser and set out from Connecticut with the intention of relocating in New Mexico. But something happened on the way to the land of enchantment. The next thing Robert Kirkman knew he was attempting to plant a field of tobacco for his father just outside of Frankfort, Kentucky. “It was a complete disaster,” Kirkman says of the results, though he can laugh about it now. “I was sunburned by nine in the morning!” By the time summer was gone, so was the traveling money. His mom suggested he consider taking advantage of in-state...

Beauty on the Bluff

April 12, 2016

Hilltop Cemetery Evokes Serenity- Every night when my daughter was little I would say goodnight to her by telling her I loved her “Bigger than the sky.” One night, out of the blue, she responded by saying, “I love you bigger than the whole cemetery.”  This mysterious and peculiar reply unnerved me a bit at first but it harmlessly became a long-standing part of our nightly routine. Now “love’ and “cemetery” are not words I would usually think of as hanging out in the same sentence. And I hadn’t thought about my daughter’s curious goodnight phrase in many years until a few weeks ago when she was visiting Frankfort. It was a beautiful warm, early spring day and we were...